2016 Kearney Invitational

The tradition of setting PRs at Kearney continued on Saturday, Oct. 8. Kearney hosted more than 45 schools at a combo race that featured the KC Suburban championship and the invitational. Much of the competition consisted of Class 4 schools, yet the varsity girls still finished 5th overall (beating all Class 1-3 schools), while the boys finished 7th (third in Class 1-3 schools). Fourteen runners set personal records, while several others set season-highs. Results:

Varsity Boys = 7th
Varsity Girls = 5th
JV Boys = 4th
JV Girls = 6th

Varsity Boys Medalists
Mark Krueger, 19th, 18:01
Luke Termorshuizen, 37th, 18:29
Ian Foster, 42nd, 18:42
Gavin Dunn, 53rd, 18:57
Nathaniel Hartman, 58th, 19:08
Logan Cutler, 65th, 19:18

Varsity Girls Medalists
Mira Bannwarth, 4th, 20:51
Hannah Termorshuizen, 22nd, 22:05
Katie Alexander, 36th, 22:28
Hannah Harness, 53rd, 23:25
Abby DeAnna, 54th, 23:26
Amberly Langford, 62nd, 23:46
Makayla Ferguson, 78th, 24:28

JV Boys Medalists
Jared Thornbrugh, 38th, 19:19
Jake Johnson, 43rd, 19:30
Mason Eversole, 48th, 19:39

JV Girls Medalists
Kaira Baas, 26th, 24:19
Trinity Riecker, 34th, 24:57
Kati West, 59th, 25:50