2016 Maryville Spoofhound Invitational Recap

The Warriors dominated the Spoofhound invitational with both the girls and boys varsity teams finishing first. We also took home 15 individual medals. A year ago, we walked away with first and second place team finishes and 8 individual medals. Mira Bannwarth repeated her performance from last year by finishing first overall.

Maryville also is the site of this year’s district championship race.

Varsity Boys Medalists:
Mark Krueger, 8th, 19:04
Luke Termorshuizen, 10th, 19:16
Logan Cutler, 11th, 19:17
Jared Thornbrugh, 12th, 19:34
Ian Foster, 15th, 19:52

Varsity Girls Medalists:
Mira Bannwarth, 1st, 21:22
Katie Alexander, 15th, 23:39
Jadyn Yoder, 16th, 23:40
Hannah Termorshuizen, 17th, 23:43

Varsity JV Boys Medalists:
Jake Johnson, 4th, 11:59
Mason Eversole, 7th, 12:25
Jordan Cullen, 10th, 12:41
Xavier Hayes, 11th, 12:41

Varsity JV Girls Medalists:
Amberly Langford, 3rd, 14:33
Kaira Baas, 4th, 14:49