2016 time trials: varsity teams set

The roster for 2016 is set. At time trials — a timed 5K at our Julia Bargman Memorial Cross Country Course — on Wednesday, Aug. 10, performance exceeded that of 2015.

Boys captain Mark Krueger came in with the fastest time, 19:42, although freshman Jonah Palmer finished with an adjusted time of 18:53 after having run his time trial on the track two days prior. Rounding out the top seven spots on varsity are Luke Termorshuizen (10), Logan Cutler (11), Ian Foster (10), Jared Thornbrugh (11), and Nathaniel Hartman (10). Thornbrugh and Hartman are first-time varsity qualifiers.

All-state runner and defending district champion Mira Bannwarth (11) finished in the top spot for girls, with a time of 22:16, followed by girls captain Katie Alexander (11), who finished at 23:06. Varsity girls qualifiers included Hannah Harness (12), Hannah Termorshuizen (12), Jadyn Yoder (10), Makayla Ferguson (9), and Kaira Baas (11).

Chris Johnston, George Hess, Jake Johnson,  are still scheduled to complete their time trials in the coming days.

Athlete Time Trials
Dayton Brown 30:23
Jordan Cullen 25:30
Logan Cutler 20:44
Gavin Dunn 22:40
Mason Eversole 22:52
Michael Fletcher 27:47
Ian Foster 21:33
Nathaniel Hartman 22:20
Xavier Hayes 24:07
George Hess
Jake Johnson
Chris Johnston
Mark Krueger 19:42
Seth McGlothlin 27:57
Blake Muessig
Jonah Palmer 18:53 (est)
Robbie Schwind 31:06
Luke Termorshuizen 20:14
Jared Thornbrugh 21:55
Jacob Wornson 27:02
Katie Alexander 23:06
Kaira Baas 27:24
Mira Bannwarth 22:16
Abby DeAnna
Makayla Ferguson 26:53
Michelle Gager 51:12
Hannah Harness 25:08
Amberly Langford 28:14
Trinity Riecker 32:17
Emily Schmitt 34:57
Hannah Termorshuizen 25:23
Katie West 30:57
Jadyn Yoder 25:32
Varsity Boys 20:13
Varsity Girls 25:32
JV Boys 24:26
JV Girls 35:31