2017 Smithville Invitational

Smithville kept the winning streak alive with another sweep at our home invitational. We have not lost a regular season meet — boys or girls — since October of 2016. At the Smithville invitational, we again took first in boys and girls varsity. Jonah Palmer and Mira Bannwarth were first place overall. 11 of our runners set personal records at the meet, which reached 92 degrees outside. This year, 23 high schools and 5 middle schools joined us. Our middle school Warriors fiished at an admirable second place.


Varsity Boys = 1st
Varsity Girls = 1st
JV Boys = 2nd
JV Girls = 3rd

Varsity Boys Medalists

Jonah Palmer, 18:10, 1st
Luke Termorshuizen, 18:22, 3rd
Mark Krueger, 18:25, 4th
Gavin Dunn, 19:44, 16th

Varsity Girls Medalists

Mira Bannwarth, 21:42, 1st
Lily Cutler, 22:22, 2nd
Olivia Littleton, 23:06, 6th
Riley Kochanowicz, 23:26, 8th
Jadyn Yoder, 24:12, 14th

JV Boys Medalists

Jared Thornbrugh, 19:48, 2nd
Jake Johnson, 20:41, 7th
Jordan Cullen, 20:44, 8th

JV Girls Medalists

Elise Denney, 26:02, 6th
Trinity Riecker, 26:19, 10th
Kaira Baas, 26:58, 15th
Makayla Ferguson, 27:14, 16th
Kelsey Hankins, 27:20, 18th