Parent Booster Club

We have one of the most vibrant and active booster clubs among Smithville athletics. The purpose of the Parent Booster Club is to support the coaches and runners, particularly when it comes to supplying the team with necessities for meets, team pasta dinners, and banquet. To make sure you are part of the Booster Club and receive the email updates, please fill out the Booster Club Membership Form. And be sure to follow our updates and post pictures of our meets on Facebook.

Booster Club Bylaws

Board Members

Cindy Krueger, President
Dan Hartman, Vice President
Traci Yoder, Treasurer
Lynn Cullen, Secretary

Volunteer Signups

Click below to sign up for the various volunteer opportunities, such as pasta dinners, the pink ribbon run, and meets for food.
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Pasta Dinner Cheat Sheet

Attending Meets

We hope you are able to attend all of the meets. If you haven’t been to a cross country meet, it’s a unique experience, typically with hundreds of runners and spectators spread out over 3 miles. Some things to consider:

Support at the meet | You are allowed to be anywhere on the spectator area of the course. If you have it, please wear Smithville warrior apparel. We also would love for you to take photos (particularly while they’re running). At meets, we will have a team camp with a tent set up. The tent is green and has our school name on it. Parents and friends should consider bringing a chair if they plan to stay a while. Meets typically last three to five hours. Awards ceremonies typically extend the length of a meet by 30 minutes. Parents and friends should make sure to stay on the outside of the tent at all times. The tent is our “sacred space” as a team — it is a combination of our locker room, sideline, and bench. Having too much interaction with friends and parents in this area creates unintentional distractions. The focus should be between coaches and athletes. Parents should not be helping athletes tie shoes or do anything that is expected from our athletes or that can be accomplished with the help of managers and coaches. During the races, fans can move from point to point along the course to cheer runners as they pass. Just be sure to stay off the runners’ path and out of their way. Running alongside a runner to pace or encourage him or her is not allowed per state rules and will result in disqualification of the runner. This sport is intense for athletes. Please avoid “coaching” from the sidelines. We hope parents are there to cheer and encourage as much as possible. But coaching and offering strategy advice is the job of the coaches. When parents or friends offer conflicting advice, this can be confusing to a runner. After crossing the finish line, the runners file through a finish chute. Spectators are encouraged to greet their athletes at this point and have water and gatorade/chocolate milk ready for them. After several minutes, they will complete a short cool down jog in order to prevent injury. They then should return to the spectator lanes of the course to cheer on teammates in upcoming races. The team does bring water, gatorade, and food to the meets. Parents should bring additional drinks for themselves. The team is responsible for taking down the tent, cleaning up our supplies, and carrying everything to the bus. Parents often help with the cleanup of any food. A parent’s primary role is to support the athletes and the coaches, not to serve as a coach or manager. Above all else, we want parents who motivate us and encourage us to be our best.

Leaving the meet | The team will travel together to the meet on the bus. If you are taking your runner home after the meet, please sign out in the coach’s binder so that everyone is accounted for. Runners shouldn’t leave until all races have been completed.

Feeding the athletes | Please help them do their best by making sure the runners do not consume any sugary snacks before the race. If you can, please bring some chocolate milk for your runner to consume within 30 minutes of finishing the race (Fairlife is a great high-protein, low fat brand that you can get at QuikTrip or any grocery store). After the race (and after they consume a protein drink), they can begin consuming water, gatorade, and any other snacks available to them. A bit more sugar is not “bad” after a race. The body is desperate for carbs at this point.