Summer Running Camp

Summer Running Camp for those interested in cross country in the fall begins June 5 and continues until July 21. Athletes at all ability levels are welcomed to join us, even if they have no running experience. Summer Running Camp is meant to turn walkers into runners and to further condition our already seasoned varsity runners. All runners will undergo daily running activities, on a high school track, the road, on grass, and on trails. On most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, coaches will be present to offer instruction and to lead core workouts to help prevent injury and to build endurance.

There are two athletic dead weeks, which means athletes need to be off campus and should not have interactions with the coaches. These weeks, for all sports, are the first and last weeks of July.

Runners are encouraged to also attend an overnight camp. You can see those options on the summer running flier. This is not required, but typically it is highly recommended for those seeking a varsity position. Partial financial assistance is available through the cross country booster club.

All camp dates, locations, and times are available by clicking on the schedule.